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Technology Innovation Industry

With "technology + industry + finance" as the core strategic model, Kaisa is committed to opening up the whole chain of industrial ecosystem from planning and design, development and construction to investment operation, focused on the building of production and research cooperation platform, the creating of industrial incubator accelerator, industrial park investment operations services, the comprehensive development of industrial new town and characteristic town, light asset operation, industrial funds and other business modules.

Technology as the guide: since technology is the driving force behind industrial upgrading, Kaisa firmly grasps the source of scientific and technological innovation to build production and research cooperation platform with well-known universities and research institutes, and create technology industry brands with large high-tech enterprises, so as to build a whole chain incubation system based on Smart City, big data, IOT and other technological themes.

Industry as the basis: to gradually form the IOT, intelligent manufacturing, massive health and other characteristic brand industrial parks and build the whole chain operation mode for promotion and replication across the country through an accumulation of more than 30 industrial renovation projects in Shenzhen; relying on Shenzhen's innovation advantages in technology industry, to build an industrial transfer platform between Shenzhen and other cities via national industrial layout, so as to help enterprises at all levels in restructuring and upgrading; led by technology, deepening the top design and development and operation capabilities of characteristic towns, and integrating asset management, real estate, business, health care, sports tourism and other complex industrial resources with the overall strategic layout and transformation advantages of Kaisa Group's 14 sectors, to create a development and operation system of Kaisa's characteristics for industry new towns and characteristic towns.

Finance as the support: Kaisa is committed to the integration and interactive development of industry and finance by creating a package of financial solutions for industrial growth, and achieving the capitalization of resources, assets, intellectual property and future value, so as to create value based on resource integration and to enlarge the value through capital operation.

Technology Innovation Industry

Location:37F, Shenzhen Development Center, Renmin South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen.

Tel:0755-8232 0530

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